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At the core of Burnwell is a steadfast commitment to people, planet, and the plant. Our founders hail from seemingly divergent industries—one from tech, another from agriculture. What they shared was friendship and an ethos of environmental conscientiousness. With that groundwork, they created Burnwell from twin goals: produce world-class cannabis and lead the sustainable cannabis movement in practice and through education. 

As it turns out, technology and agriculture are the perfect combination for creating a cannabis revolution. With the passage of I-502, Burnwell took the mission to the next level. Tapping into new agriculture technologies throughout the world, they built an innovative sun-enhanced facility. From the start, Burnwell believed a sustainable process was both economically viable and would produce the highest quality product. But, it required extra effort at the outset. Entry to market may have taken longer than a traditional plan of speed and profit. But at Burnwell, we are not willing to operate at the expense of stewardship. Today, we have proven the value of our sustainable methods at every step of the process, from growth to final packaging to consumer satisfaction.

While maintaining gratitude to the cultivators of the past decades for leading the movement, we strive to build beyond our founder’s initial goals. Burnwell is a pioneering hub. We are proud of our work to lighten our footprint, and we are continually looking for opportunities to improve on methods for the future of the industry. Gone are the old days of wondering about cannabis quality. Leading the industry in a greener direction, our method allows for full development of cannabis genetics, perpetual harvest for consistent supply, and lowers our carbon footprint.


In southwestern Washington, the rolling hills of The Palouse are spectacular in any season for the adventurer, artist, photographer, road warrior to explore. But for the grower? This agricultural hot spot boasts consistent sunshine and mineral-rich soils. The location simply makes sense for the plant and allows the plants to reach full potential.

The team at Burnwell also chose this location for access to vendors who also practice sustainable businesses. For example, our power company generates the electricity we need via renewable hydro, wind, and solar. It may be a distance from hubs like Seattle, Bellingham, and Vancouver, WA, but the farming benefits fully outweigh the challenges. 

Method to the Cannabis


Our sun-enhanced facility marries controllable conditions like temperature with natural, full-spectrum light. Plants thrive to their fullest cannabinoid potential. The best of indoor. The benefits of outdoor. A better taste, smell, and effect. And, using 75% less energy than traditional systems.


Outside-the-box practices increase plant vigor and vitality. Yes to beneficial fungi, helper insects, recycling soil, and 95% renewable, recyclable packaging. No to chemicals, pesticides, and waste. You and mother nature reap the benefits.


At the farm, each plant is treated as a gift, hand-watered, hand-trimmed, and grown in optimal conditions. You don’t have to choose between quality and sustainability. With Burnwell, you get both. Use our product with confidence, knowing how it was grown, produced, and packaged, soil to store.

 “Burnwell was founded with the intent to show how world-class cannabis can be grown sustainably, end-to-end. We are proud to be a leader in shifting the industry toward greener business practices.”
– Justin Tacy, co-founder 

Sustainable is attainable. 

The most sustainable indoor cannabis company in Washington from grow methods to packaging, Burnwell is producing some of the highest quality cannabis including a unique, wide variety of strains offering a broad set of effects for all. The quality of our product is confirmed through our partnerships with some of the country’s best producers and distributors who dispense our product.

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